Go left twice. K2Shape 2016-01-17 05:42:35. Go right twice. Submachine 3: The Loop Good Ending. Go right twice. Pick up. Even though the weapon fires a relatively small round, the M39 has extreme recoil, even higher than that of the M41A Pulse Rifle, especially when the weapon is e… Recall that we already had found the other digits in 806 and in 461. submachine 10: the exit After 10 years, the submachine point and click universe by Mateusz Skutnik comes to an end with the last episode, it's submachine 10: the exit . Go up twice. Go right twice. Hover your cursor over the plate under the pipe and take note: "THIS - 89". Go right. Last page. This is the Root base from Submachine 5, although it has changed considerably. Move until you find the portal. Before we move to the next location, notice the sigil. Go left (or move until you find the portal room). for some odd reason, ifound myself playing TORCHLIGHt of all things the other night... hated it … Watch the video and mouse over the rune to read: "First of three: four". There are very maze-like and it is easy to get lost. Look into the telescope. The location itself has no new codes, but it has a clue: "DI = XXXIV". The other is obtained from the theories, which give the digits and their order. Go right. Go down. We also have the clue from the sewing machine: "Third of three: eight". Notice that there are two columns of lights lit, and one still unlit. Online. Go left. (I recommend that you have at least one wisdom gem in your inventory by this point). Notice the panel on the wall. Flash being more and more problematic as standalone executables. This location is a reference to another game of Mateusz Skutnik. So, let us return there. There is a portal above the glowing hemisphere. We have "DCCLXX". Mouse over the panel, that reads "NI = 842". But I do have a slightly uneasy feeling when I buy a product to get around a problem the freeware version isn't supposed to have. Go right twice. Maybe there's something wrong with my configuration that is stopping it. Go right twice. Go right. Wondering if I should draw a map. The clue is given here and the previous one are actually clues to theories. Go left twice. (This behavior should be illegal under international treaties.). You can expect the entire Submachine series in HD, as well as Daymare Town in HD. Recall that we found WX on 800. Enter the upper left door. Enter the portal. Go up. Go right. They drive over to Smoke's hideout in East Los Santos while avoiding rioters. Notice a broken bell. Pick it up. They can be found by mousing over the arrows just to the right of the teleporter, attributing to each letter the number corresponding to its position on the alphabet (where A=1, B=2, etc). There is a hatch blocking the way. Go left. Go left and down the ladder again. Now we proceed to the next clue. Read the theory. See the picture. On the other panel, we have that NI = 842. Click the panel between the pipes, at the bottom, and read the message. https://submachine.fandom.com/wiki/Submachine_Universe_walkthrough?oldid=53197, Get out of bed. Note the panel in the searchlight and take note: "NI - THIS". Wow, it's been a long time since we had a new Submachine game! Go right twice. Go right. Enter the portal (in the top left corner). Go right thrice. Remember how in location 966, in the karma portal, there was a room with a missing ladder and a suggestion to "draw it"? Go right. After the animation sequence, go up four times. Recall that in 580 we found "THIS + TI", that is, "580 + TI" and that in 185 we found the value of TI: 322. The bottom of the theory reads "1111 - THIS". The Exit...I'm not sure I want to get out...For sure I'll buy the HD Full screen version as a well deserved present to myself :), wow this is by far the hardest and largest submachine game so far, which is great its just too bad the series is ending i loved it. Enter the portal. It's very puzzling.I will try it from Mateusz's site and see if that makes any difference. I agree on the second comment, but not the first. It performs at 25 damage per bullet, with damage drop starting at 19.05 meters(1000 units) and drop ending at 57.15 meters(3000 units). Enter the portal. So we have: 100 + 342 =442. Go right five times. Your saved game will only be present on the site you saved it on. There is a green gas in the air. Now, attributing to each letter a number corresponding to its position on the alphabet (A=1, B=2,..., E=5) we have the code: 552. Go right twice. Before we move on to the new location, recall that in location 051 we found a lock that seems to match the copper plate found here. Go up twice. I would rather have kept Oscar than the old man, after that stunt. Go left twice. Go right thrice. We also found the first green digit 9. Enter the portal. Go up. Go left. You can zoom in on the woodcarvings. Go right. Go left. Enter the coordinates in the portal and click the button. Go left. Click the bell. Recall that we had found the remaining digits in 628 and 461. Go left. Hello,I bought the full version and have constantly the same problem. Place the switches with the slanted lines and the one with the vertical line down (that is, the first, second and fourth). Take note of the oval light and the corresponding digit. Note the code written on the wall. There is a telescope here, but you can see through it. I've been playing this for the last 4 hours or so and I'm pretty sure I'm nowhere near through. Go left. Go right. Go down twice. Go right. Go left. This location is an homage to the musician Prince. Already played all Dark Fall, Zork, Myst, Syberia, DELICIOUS. It saved automatically for me. Go left. So let us return there. Go right twice. Go right four times. Go up. Take note. Before we move on, recall that we had previously been in a pyramid with a locked box. (this is the setting of Submachine 0: Ancient Adventure). The second tomb from Submachine 4. Read the repair bot's report paper fixed on the wall. Go right. Go left twice. The Tomb Trap hasn't changed at all from Submachine 4. Enter the tunnel. Mouse over the panel, that reads "B1 =5 / B2 = 7". Go right once, see the picture, go left once. Click the red button. Go left twice. Click on the book on the table. 1 Story 1.1 Endings 1.1.1 "Good" Ending 1.1.2 "Bad" Ending 1.1.3 "True" Ending 1.2 Transcript 2 Overview 3 Update(s) 3.1 VIP Commands 3.2 Build Mode Pt. Go left thrice. I'm Bart Bonte, a Belgian independent game designer and bontegames.com is where I blog about new interesting browser and mobile games. If you see the numbers at the end of the report, from top to bottom, we get 923. Read code on the panel: "4+4/IV/4-4". Go up. Click the panel on the wall to read: "FILTRATION.SYS: OFFLINE / ERROR ID: UNKNOWN". Submachine Universe started as "Submachine Network Exploration Experience" back in 2010. Click the door. Take note of the panel that reads "EEB". In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Go left. Make note of the code. Click on it and take note of the code. Insert the coordinates on the portal and click the button. Go left. There is no new code here. The only item in your inventory that can be infused with karma is the piece of chalk. Enter the portal. Go left twice. Leave the crevice. I am excited by how large the playing area is...and to think, it promises an exit. Now we have the remaining tiles for the karma portal in location 966. That ending was sooo satisfying! Enter the upper right door. Go right. Enter it. That’s plan A. Place a wisdom gem in the machine. I would say Yes! Go left twice. Go right thrice. Go right twice. There are no new codes in this room, but it does feature a very important clue for later in the game: "KI = DI - GI". Go right. Karma portal (swt) The portal is in front of the statue. Go right. Pick up the. Hover the cursor on the tally on the wall near the right upper corner of the screen. Go up. Go left twice. Introduce the coordinates on the portal and click the button. Make a note on the bottom: "SmartGuy - 4989". Place the copper plate on the lock on the wall. You can see two photos, one of a submarine and the other with some scratched lettering on it. Regarding the graphics, I use CTRL/+ multiple times to zoom my browser so I can see it. i was at the end of the platform game just wandering around. Go up twice. Make note of the numbers at the bottom of the theory (1>8). Go down. Go left twice. Look at the picture and notice the coordinates in the portal. oqapo Says: After sub6 you plan a new submachine additional chapter, a short? Notice the stand, that seems to be missing an oval-shaped piece. Go right. The panel contains the clue "NI - THIS". Go right thrice. In the picture, you can see that the portal has the coordinates: 317. Go left. Go left thrice. If not, move until you find it). Mouse over the pedestal of the statue to see "DCCLXX". Go left twice. Go down to see busted pipes. Go down. Also, we have a partial clue for another code: "The second of three: three", so we now know that the second digit is three. Go up. Karma portal (fsr) Go right. There is no new code in this location. But then again, there are several significant historical differences, and the Universe is very large. Go left. You will find another viewer here, similar to the one in location 580. The code can be found by counting the number of etches in the tally on the wall, near the columns: 2-7-7. However, I recommend you don't use the valve you found on it yet. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Go up. Ring the bell. p l a n k b o i i. Unplayable as it is. Go down twice. Go up. Click the note and read it. You will likely need the inventory space for other objects). The codes here are all in the string of photos found at the bottom of the ladder. The portal leads to a room with an energy bridge. Travel four times in the same direction. Go left to see the computer. Take note of the brown light with the second digit, 3. Go left. We have now exhausted all the coordinates given in the computer. The other can be found on the glowing rune: 731. You can go left to see the broken clock that can be heard. Enter the portal. The code can be found on the stand of the broken bell. Go right twice. Read the theory and mouse over the scribble to the right. Mouse over the panel on the top right corner to read the code "800". Go left thrice. Enter the portal. It was so good. Mouse over the panel here "QI = THIS + 475". Take note of the numbers on the end of the message. Insert the stone plane in the relief. Go up twice. The rooms appear randomly. Go down twice. Here are the directions to all the important features on this location. Click the red button. Go right three times. Enter the portal. Insert a plasma vial in the stand. Go left twice. Web V3. Click it. Insert the lever handle on the wall. This location has no new codes. But still – some sort of submachine. the storage 33/1 is probably the hardest room to navigate since theres no pattern and its randomized what room will show up when you move (the area through the portal in that level is also random but the exit is a portal in front of you making it easier).