i typically run my builds with janky gear before going all in on the god rolls and it did fine. Do you have a clip showcasing it? Level 65 Mayhem 10 Moze Build breakdown! Moving on from those focal gear pieces, we can touch on the shields now and in my opinion, there are 2 options. This particular build revolves around weapons that have splash damage. 57 Sh4tter Fl4k - Cryo Rakk Attack. ;). ... A ‘Borderlands 3’ Amara Melee Build For Level 60 Mayhem 10, At Long Last. O.P.Q., Yellowcake, Kaoson, Sand Hawk, Boom Sickle, and Redistributor (for mobbing) seem to be Moze's "best" weapons right now. 57 Sh4tter Fl4k - Cryo Rakk Attack. Lets learn some things. So, here’s the best endgame Moze build in Borderlands 3. Even if you've been playing Borderlands 3 since it launched, you may be in the mood to shake things up with a new build. This build is simply awesome! Like always, if you have any questions or thoughts, let me know in the comments! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the BorderlandsBuilds community. The new way to … Victory Rush prefix gives us a nice little multiplicative damage boost as the victory rush damage bonus is calculated separately to the gun damage bonuses (that things like the pearl relic gives us), and the extra movement speed upon killing a badass is nice too because moze is slower than a god damn snail! Zane has … I know there were probably "builds" in BL2, but I played for years (Literally 1 year straight after launch) without worrying about much beyond skill tree builds (That is not farming for specific gear.) Even though I agree that Moze got some much needed improvements, a Sapper class mod with an assault rifle with a huge mag is much more reliable in my opinion. So. This build does contain some DLC4 gear, so be wary of spoilers! Level 65. Just a few points though. It's your friendly neighbourhood Moze main Nootmad, and I am back with another build breakdown.This time going over my newly updated Metal Jacket Moze build which in my opinion is one of the best bloodletter builds you can use for Moze in Mayhem 10 at Level 65! I wish I could still be as into BL3 as I was when it launched or as much as I was into BL2. Would love to see the performance off anything that even comes close to chain explosions. And it's sad because I was HYPED about BL3. Nukes can now clear entire rooms. The Borderlands game franchise, including all DLC, sequels, pre-sequels, and re-pre-sequels. Builds and character discussion for the Borderlands series. Also how high is the explosion dmg on m10 lvl 65? I wish I could do that! The annoint i recommend is the gunner cooldown annoint to help get Iron Bear of cooldown faster. Mainly looking for a build that can do the cartell event /takedown on mayhem 10, personally like either SOR + explosives build (1 hp +350% shields bonus type shit with all healing = shields and multi hitting grenades and whatever 'splash' weapons you kinda like) is sorta wanting a very specific shield and artifact as well to work really good so is a tad limited (front loader for the same effect as thin red line which is also boosted by the com chosen and deathless for another 'reduce hp increase shield' effect) you can have a 100k shield that's constantly refilled by constantly getting restored by health vials or grenade usage or even a skill now where crit kills = 10% shields restored, ah lovely - just checked and i've got a tortoise front loader - +40 capacity -10% health and 5% health regen\second, or the endless mags + explosives build (ammo regen and explosives boost the com that adds explosive dmg to any weapon if you go without reloading personally i like to get endless mags capstone then explosives till FFYL grenade skill then get a few skills in SOR for gun dmg\DR while shields are up and drowning in brass stacks - 60% gun damage for skipping the explosive capstone) basically can use about any gun where the fire rate isn't outpacing that regen - with crits and 2 redistribution and constant ammo regen that's basically 15% of the mag\second - not even taking into account means of destruction procs refilling 10% of the mag. I have been experimenting with the extremely limited build options that can allow you to comfortably farm Mayhem 10 and it’s 12,500% health increased enemies. This Borderlands 3 Moze Build guide has been updated for level 65. Shields and relics haven't changed from Mayhem 1.0; Old God, Transformer, BBB, Otto Idol, Victory Rush, etc are all still very relevant and useful. BTW. I bought the deluxe edition with all the DLC. Another great build for Borderlands Mayhem 10 difficulty is the Splash Moze build. | Path to Mayhem pt 1. So yeah, that rounds out my build explanation. The best Borderlands 3 build for Fl4k, Moze, Zane, and Amara. +5 torgue cross promotion is the ideal skill allocation because extra splash radius + damage is a no brainer. The primary mechanic that allows this effect is radiation, and more specifically, the radiation aura. The "meta" class mods for Moze right now are Green Monster and Blast Master, but Mind Sweeper is also starting to see a lot more use while Sapper has fallen out of relevancy due to Moze's recent sustainability improvements. The main star of this build is the Prompt Critical, a DLC4 legendary pistol that drops form Evil Lilith in Castle Crimson. Explore. Gladiator Amara by JoltzDude139 (lvl 65 Mayhem 10) ... Moze build by AbbyHour. whatever you call it :P ), More posts from the Borderlands community. The Rocketeer Class Mod provides aggro relief and pseudo crowd control as enemies will target Auto Bear and not you as Moze, also allowing the enemies to bunch up and make it easier to chain those radiation explosions for them sweet sweet bloodplosion chains. Fl4k build by AbbyHour [LVL 53] Gunboy FL4K - MH4 Fade Away Crit Build. Here's the skill tree ( <---- clicky clicky on the words to the left <---- ), Now, as far as skill tree uniqueness. With extremely high splash damage, Moze can take down mobs in an instant with a few grenade throws. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFLCbLh3qQI. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. [Character Build] Hey everyone! Noot pushing out quality content as always. I also want to let you quickly know that i have made a video breakdown on this build right here so feel free to check it out there if text posts arent your thing and you want to see this build in action. Gearbox. Will it oneshot badasses or do you need 2-3 trash mobs to die near the badass? This looks really fun! Now, instead of just talking about each skill, im just going to link the skill tree and just go over a few things that i think are out of the ordinary for standard moze builds. This was intentional. You will definitely need anoints in Mayhem 10 to be able to clear it. Is that really not a selling point on its own? VOTES : 0. Just wondered if there are some good mayhem 10 moze builds right now. Moze build by morjax. Now we have finally come to my last build for Mayhem 10 in Borderlands 3, as I’ve already done the other three vault hunters this past week. Home BLOG bl3 moze build mayhem 10 NOVEMBER 4, 2020. This aura scales with numerous bonuses such as splash radius and damage, and is what allows the damage for the auras to be as lethal as they are. Also the scourge /ION cannon and maybe new yellowcake? Have a lvl 57 moze but never bothered gearing up for her because of how underpowered she was (is?) tbh you dont really need the god rolled stats at all. You may notice i only have 1 in pull the holy pin. Gearbox. I now you only said one gun, but do you think a lvl57 300/90 Yellowcake will work for this? If you enjoyed, then be sure to leave a "Like" and subscribe! It's your friendly neighbourhood Moze Main Nootmad back again with too much free time on my hands!, so today i thought i'd share a build with you guys that ive been working for a little while now and have been having a tonne of fun with it. This build is primarily meant for leveling up to TVHM Mayhem 2 offering high damage/survivability through Iron Bear, and means to replenish grenades and reset the cooldown of the mech, without relying on specific legendary/unique weapons/items. The Best Moze Levelling build! Radiation Old God (Boss world drop - DLC 2) to boost our radiation damage overall, Plus Ultra Shield (drops from Dr Benedict in Benediction of Pain - DLC 4) to boost our survivability and get a nice CDR bonus too (CDR meaning Cooldown Reduction for our Action Skill). I hope you guys found this quick discussion useful and I'll see you guys next post! And now we can finally get to the skill tree. The best in slot relic for this build is the Atom Balm Victory Rush (drops from Azalea in Jakobs Estate) and the reasons why are, Atom Balm prefix increases radius and damage of the radiation auras (explosions) which increases the overall damage of the radiation explosions upon kiling an enemy that has been inflicted with the radiation status effect). 0%. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. If you made it this far, i just want to thank you guys for reading the whole thing, and i hope you found it useful. I'm working on a Zane one if that means anything. I'll pick it back up one day, but I'm honestly having more fun playing GTA Online. Artifact (or relic. I could three shot Mayhem 10 enemies with the minigun. And yep, you heard me, through the creative use of some skills, and gear, we can finally and genuinely bloodsplode enemies just like krieg in Borderlands 2. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I watch this video and it's like wow that looks cool. 2: 2048: November 24, 2020 Fallen Guardian Moze - A two million shield capacity experiment. Melee is viable in Mayhem 10 for the first time in Borderlands 3 with this new Amara build. I use Atom Balm+Deathless Bloodletter to solo M10 Maliwan. Splash Moze Build. Fl4k build by AbbyHour. So.. On to the reason why you clicked on this post (probably)! A new weapon has broken Mayhem 10 in Borderlands 3, and here's how to use the Yellowcake launcher effective with Moze explosive build. The sticky mode is what makes this build shine as its effect is basically, "more stickies on an enemy = bigger explosion radius and damage". This build is genuinely a tonne of fun and ive been running through the takedowns with ease while streaming, and we all know how scuffed the raids can be when running the takedowns with a build that isnt optimal. O.P.Q., Yellowcake, Kaoson, Sand Hawk, Boom Sickle, and Redistributor (for mobbing) seem to be Moze's "best" weapons right now. Looking for the most OP Endgame Mayhem 3 build for Moze There is a lot of posts here about Moze builds but none of them really have any great information with pictures of the trees to make it easier for players to see and what weapons and mods pair great with it so I was hoping we could do that here. The sub stats i recommend are once again similar to that of the Class Mod, basically being stats that boost your damage overall. Moze build by AbbyHour. Fl4k build by Ratore. VOTES : 1. I tried out an Artifact with area-of-effect damage today and it seems like the mobs are exploding with rad damage lkke crazy. compared to other vault hunters. Having auto bear out will also help supplement mozes damage through use of the capacitive armatures railgun augment, or as utility if you choose to equip the Target Softening Vanquisher augment to 'slag' enemies and help you dish out more damage, Its a big mech out on the field fighting enemies with you. Then it's like, well you need this one specific gun variant with these stats. I know Thiccfila put out a SAK zane build video but I like the readable builds too. Press J to jump to the feed. Sapper has fallen out of relevancy due to Moze's recent sustainability improvements. Get yourself a radiation AND a corrosive variant for hose pesky raid bosses like Scourge and Wotan the Invincibles. 57 Frozen Heart Moze, No Vampyr. bl3 moze build mayhem 10. I am using a radiation hex grenade in this build (with on grenade throw annoint) which can by itself crit fairly regularly (its one of those grenades that can naturally crit) as well as having multiple mini nades increase the likelihood of a crit. This is the video he posted to his youtube channel. Borderlands 3 has buffed Moze's Iron Bear to insane levels after a DLC hotfix yesterday. There are a limited number of weapon that can be utilizes in this build to be effective for Mayhem 10. radiation and area of effect as far as ive notcied. Solid build tho. I can see you really only use the pistol hahah. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I just like it there because it gives me breathing room in case i get overwhelmed by enemy spawns (looking at you guardian takedown). if theres a single piece of gear that you should be pedantic about, is the radiation critical with the consecutive hits annoint. Something I never thought I'd ever say. Im calling this build, Bloodplosion Moze. Since this is for Moze, "farm" the flipper in the wild west DLC (its ultra easy, the named is just at the start of the zone) and then the ion cannon in the casino. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Possibly quite nice vs the DLC 1 boss that drops the ION cannon thanks to all the adds. Haven't even played the last 2 DLCs. There really isnt much. MOZERKER 5.0 by Ki11er Six. 7: 484: November 23, 2020 And honestly, thats about it. The sub stats i recommend on the class mod are things like pistol damage, AoE damage and radius, radiation damage, etc.. Basically stats that will boost your overall DPS of your gear. When it comes to skills, you can spec into whatever you feel works best for you. Thank you for including Moze in the title . Seems like it can be a really nice mobbing setup. Bear trooper double mini gun build melts all bosses and eats through mobs. Moxsy's M10 Chain Zane. Heard the OPQ is pretty good with her infinite ammo. Fl4k build by … I don't know what your answer is, but I'm anticipating it will make me groan. As long as you have a consistent form of sustain, pretty much anything works. 100%. Each of the four character classes, Moze, FL4K, Zane, and … Borderlands 3. Considering we are using aradiation variant, you can imagine that the radiation explosion radius is quite significant and what allows the bloodsplosion chains to happen. o/, I like builds I can read, shame we only get moze ones of this quality. After you reached lvl 65 switch to mayhem 10 with cool directives, or mayhem 11 if you dont like the hassle and experiment or find "meta builds" and farm the missing items. But if you dont like videos, i gotchu homie! and I was able to do almost everything in the game without much difficulty. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Amara build by Stone_Swan updated 2 months ago. Borderlands 3. Browse all Amara, Fl4k, Moze and Zane builds for Borderlands 3. Moze the Gunner is the bombastic lead-spitter of the Borderlands 3 characters roster, and with her 15-tonne Iron Bear mech never far away, there is a great deal of scope for customising her however you want. Whether you’re looking for the best solo build or want to deal huge damage, these are the best builds for Borderlands 3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFLCbLh3qQI it's linked at the beginning of the post, is this one! I highly recommend the consecutive hits annoint on it in the x3 variant as annoints like urad (150% radiation damage under 50%HP) is kind of redundant considering we are maxing out Fire in The Skag Den that gives us close to 500% incendiary damage at 5/5. Mag size isnt as required as it is for typical moze builds since we arent using things like blastmaster or green monster. If you’re playing Borderlands 3 as Moze and you’re getting toward the end of the game, you’re going to want to know the best possible, most OP, ridiculous Borderlands 3 Moze build you can achieve. The Bonus Element annoints arent as recommended as once again, extra elements dont provide much benefit when skag den alone gives us so much. Look no further, this is Moze, the Gunner. Just curious, if you had to hazard a guess at how long it would take me to farm for this exact build how long would it take? This high damage build can easily melt bosses with the right weapons in hand. High DPS Moze Build. Gearbox is adding an extra tough way for people to play Borderlands 3 — Mayhem 4 — plus a bunch more bank slots, something fans will be excited about.. I also want to let you know that i actually do a lot of video breakdowns and guides just like this over on my own YouTube Channel so feel free to check that out if you're after some up to date Moze builds and general information to improve your game knowledge! plaguebearer, flipper, beacones also work decently! I just don't care and it makes me sad to think about. Being a torge weapon, it has an impact mode and a sticky mode. 57 Gamma Burst Fl4k - Mayhem 4. Build Strengths Works Against Boss or Multiple Enemies. Does anyone know how that boost syncs with the bonuses in this build? I just don't care anymore. Nuke is fun. As far as class mods go, i 100% recommend the Rocketeer Class Mod (drops from Tumourhead in Lectra City) for a few reasons. The "meta" class mods for Moze right now are Green Monster and Blast Master, but Mind Sweeper is also starting to see a lot more use while Sapper has fallen out of relevancy due to Moze's recent sustainability improvements. Security bear gives Iron Bear flat damage reduciton even when the shield isnt active and because we arent using splash hardpoints (or at least i dont), giving IB the extra survivability helps, Dakka bear point is a floater and you can put it wherever you want really. (and home-ettes?). 0: 370: November 25, 2020 Mayhem 10 Iron Cub is Godlike now Iron Cub Moze Build -Iron Cub Buff/Hotfix. What do you recommend just in your other weapon slots. This build focuses to greatly increase Moze's DPS during fights. Moze build by sccruz updated 2 … If you have any questions about the skill tree, just let me know down below (in the comments...) and ill be sure to answer them! And then these specific other gear items with these stats. The logic behind that is consecutive hits will further our weapon damage without relying elemental damage that suffers from diminishing returns for lack of a better term. Bulletstorm Moze Build by JoltzDude139 (lvl 65 Mayhem 10) Moze build by Noodl updated 2 months ago. It's your friendly neighbourhood Moze Main Nootmad back again with too much free time on my hands!, so today i thought i'd share a build with you guys that ive been working for a little while now and have been having a tonne of fun with it.