"I admired the guy," Dolan said on the radio program. Cardinal Dolan on monument controversy: Chipping away at memory, tradition is perilous Archbishop of New York Timothy Cardinal Dolan says erasing … CNA Staff, Nov 22, 2020 / 03:13 am MT ( CNA ) .- Cardinal Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan of New York gives the homily as U.S. bishops from the state of New York concelebrate Mass in the crypt of … "That is always good to remember that in these troubling days," Dolan, the archbishop of New York, told Fox News' "Fox and Friends," noting that the situation, coming during the Lenten season, forces its own kind of … And almost always, I … In a vote of 128–111, Dolan beat out nine others, including Bishop Gerald F. Kicanas of Tucson, Arizona, to win the three-year term. Dolan replaced Cardinal Francis George, who did not run for re-election. In the words of Saint Peter, “Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope.” We listen to the One who called Himself … About Welcome Cardinal's Welcome Mission Hours Contact Us Photography Credits Our Leadership His Eminence, Timothy Cardinal Dolan Trustees of St. Patrick’s Cathedral Board of St. Patrick's Cathedral Landmark Foundation — Cardinal Dolan (@CardinalDolan) November 26, 2020 “I have said from the beginning the restrictions imposed by Governor Cuomo were an overreach that did not take into account the size of our churches or the safety protocols that have kept parishioners safe,” DiMarzio said of the ruling. In a closed door meeting, Cardinal-Designate Timothy Dolan has given this speech before the Pope and the College of Cardinals. As Cardinal Timothy Michael Dolan of New York put it in his rallying keynote at the conference, the Middle Eastern Christians’ suffering must be our suffering. Cardinal Dolan offers message of hope after long year of darkness It is the task of every generation to take the faith that we’ve received and share it with others. "At first, we were dreading it," Cardinal Dolan said of the 545-mile trip, which would cut into precious time of his six-day mission trip Feb. 7-12, his first to the island. I enjoy listening and learning for him and his various guests: priests, bishops, writers, professors, and more. Filed under bill de blasio , black lives matter , budget cuts , funding , nypd , Opinion , 7/1/20 Share this article: Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York, expressed deep sorrow Monday over the fire that nearly destroyed the fabled Notre Dame cathedral, whose fierce stone gargoyles have gazed on … Listen to Sunday Homilies by Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York. Illness, job loss, school closings, movies, Broadway, restaurants, sports all shuttered – the list goes on! “When you do it, you risk criticism on both sides.” Catholics, who were for decades reliably Democrats, the cardinal said, are more politically diverse. Cardinal Dolan does a great job hosting this podcast. "I … The "spiritual reflection" focused on the New Evangelization. Cardinal Dolan says eliminating the monuments can lead to the virus that is “historic amnesia.” The cardinal said that while we should still remember these people for their serious wrongs, we should also remember them for their great contributions to society. Cardinal Timothy Dolan Wednesday delivered a message of faith, saying that while Americans may be feeling isolated because of social distancing, God is always with them. Keep up the good work! Cardinal Dolan defends Catholic schools remaining open amid COVID-19, expresses concern over a memo calling on President-elect Biden to pursue a 'secular agenda' in office, and shares his Christmas message on When you think about it, there’s only person who’s omniscient — Almighty God. However I no longer admire Cardinal Dolan following his coziness with Fox News*, ; his . A message from Cardinal Dolan March 28, 2020 In these times of the unknown, we can turn to God. Timothy Cardinal Dolan sent a message Tuesday to Christians up in arms over the Starbucks red cups saying, "chill out." Cardinal Dolan himself acknowledged that McCarrick, his fellow "Prince of the Church," was a very likable person. Brian Fawley writes that Cardinal Dolan should understand the power of his presence at the RNC and be mindful that this gesture will be seen by many as an affirmation of the President -- … Cardinal Dolan asked. Before the lockdowns, I used to attend daily Mass at Saint Patrick’s. . Dolan's note accompanying Weigel's book is dated June 9, signed by the cardinal, and printed on letterhead featuring Dolan's coat of arms. "Think of … Cardinal Timothy Dolan sits down with WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb to talk about how different Christmas will be this year and offers a message of hope. Message from Cardinal Dolan, June 12, 2020 Para leer este mensaje en español, haga clic aquí. For us Catholics, not being able to attend June 12, 2020 Month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Dear Family of the Archdiocese of New York: Because the news headlines of! Our daily lives have been altered in so many ways by the impact of this virus. A Message from Cardinal Dolan As we embark on this new decade, together in faith, I invite us to remember the mission to which we are all called. Timothy Cardinal Dolan's series of Lenten reflections, recorded in St. Patrick's Cathedral Rectory Chapel in New York City, are hard-hitting spiritual home-runs. While Dolan said the report could be a “black-eye” for the Church, one Vatican official told CNA that the version of the report he had seen was several hundred pages, and “says a lot.” Cardinal Dolan presided at the last Easter Vigil Mass I had attended while living in New York, and it was a holy and memorable experience. Cardinal Dolan: Stories of persecuted Christians should move hearts Credit: Christopher Rose via Flickr CC BY NC 2.0. And for New York’s cardinal archbishop, Timothy Dolan, it was a moment of undisputed triumph. Timothy Cardinal Dolan is the archbishop of New York. Dolan took office two